How To Naturally Increase Testosterone

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How To Naturally Increase Testosterone

This article summarises nine the most important ways that will help how to increase testosterone. so read the article till the end to find out all the tricks and achieve the desired result let’s go.

1. Sleep

The first thing that can either increase or decrease testosterone levels is your sleep. during the day, our body tries to produce the right amount of testosterone, and the largest part of it is synthesised during sleep. that is, if you don’t get enough sleep, then the body simply cannot produce the required amount. it is enough to sleep less than five hours a day for just one week, and testosterone levels will already fall by 15%. therefore, your task is to sleep at least eight hours a day. at the same time, ideally, go to the bed no later than 1am. this mode will give you the maximum production of testosterone.

2. Low Body Fat Percentage

another important thing is the ratio of muscle to fat in your body. two major studies have shown that obese men have 50 to 60 percent lower testosterone than normal weight man. when there is less fat in your body, testosterone becomes more.

3. Eat enough fat

the third point is that low fat diets lower testosterone levels. the fact is that testosterone is made from cholesterol, and when you get little fat from food, the body simply doesn’t have enough material to synthesize testosterone. so, adding oily fish, meat and eggs to your diet is a good idea. and if healthy fats increase testosterone levels.

4. Don’t eat sweets

then sweet works in the opposite direction. sweet is the enemy of testosterone. sugar, buns and any confectionery it’s better to remove them from the male diet. in man who eats sweets every day testosterone is additionally reduced by 15%, so try to make the right food choices. if you want sweets try to eat fruits.

5. Add vitamins and minerals to your diet

in addition to fats, magnesium, zinc and vitamin-d are needed to produce testosterone. to replenish them, you can use either special supplements or regularly eat foods that contain a lot of these elements. that is nuts, eggs, meat all dairy products, bananas and olive oil. there is also a separate category of vegetables that testosterone loves very much. these are cruciferous.

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6. Eat cruciferous vegetables

Try to eat more cabbage. it can be ordinary cabbage, cauliflower or broccoli. all its types benefit you. but at this point, you might be asking me: how will vegetables make my testosterone rise? the answer is this: back in 1991 scientists proved that cabbage contains a substance called indole-3-carbinol. simply put it, lowers the production of estrogen and thus reduces its negative effect on testosterone.

7. Drink enough water

and most likely, you know that it is advisable for an adult man to drink about two to two and a half liters of water per day. it is especially important for us to do this because dehydration has been scientifically proven to impair the release of testosterone after strength training and, in addition, increases the concentration of cortisol, that is, the stress hormone, which is another enemy of testosterone.

8. Avoid stress

it is clear that we can’t always get rid of stress factors. sometimes events happen that we do not choose, and we just have to go through them. but in moments where you can let go of the situation, try to do it. it turns out that those who are better in control of themselves, testosterone even increases during stress. and another factor that deserves a lot of attention is workout.

9. Train properly

Training is one of the most effective and proven ways to increase your testosterone. but not all workouts will give the same effect. firstly, the most effective option is strength training, that is, weight training. secondly, it is the basic multi-joint movements that best stimulate the production of testosterone. thirdly, the progression of the load is important. the greater the working weight, the stronger the testosterone levels increase. and the fourth point: more is not always better. yes, workout increases your testosterone. but if the body doesn’t have time to cope with stress, overtraining can occur. in this state, the indicators decrease, immunity drops, you constantly feel tired, and as a result, testosterone drops. therefore, it is important to create a balanced training program. by the way friends be sure to read other articles on our website.

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