Avoid 5 Mistakes While Drinking Water

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Avoid 5 Mistakes While Drinking Water

Guys, water is the most essential element for our body and I’m sure you’ve heard this fact numerous times. Unfortunately, a number of people don’t know the proper way of drinking water. I know this is a shocking fact, but it’s true. The majority of us constantly make a number of minor mistakes while drinking water and thus we have to face lots of health issues every single day such as gas, indigestion, bloating, and other kidney related disease. and that’s why in today’s article, we are going to discuss, What is the right time to drink water? How to drink water properly? How much water should you drink a day?And what are the precautions we must consider before drinking water?

1. How much water should you drink a day?

I’m sure you might have experienced this. From some unknown source, you heard about how essential element the water is, and suddenly you rush to the kitchen and start drinking water like the world is going to be destroyed soon. Buy guys, you must not drink water like that. water is the one of the most primary element our body needs to survive but it doesn’t mean that you drink water like you have lost in desert and just found the water.

Because you body is not used to deal with such immense amount of water. Additionally, such rush of the water can also damage your kidney. Normally, men’s body requires 3 to 4 liter water daily and for women it is 2 to 3 liters. But if you are moderately active person, you should drink half a liter more water per week. However, you can go beyond these criteria only if your doctor suggests.

2. Gulping down water

Guys, I bet you have already made this mistake many times. No matter, whether you are working in an office, watching a movie in the house, or doing whatever anywhere; whenever you feel thirsty, you just gulp down a glass of water within seconds.

And the fun fact is that even well-educated people do the same mistake quite often. This happens usually because we are always in a great hurry. But guys, this is absolutely wrong way. This can cause acidity, gas, bloating, etc. If you want to keep all these away from you, keep these two points in your mind.

First, don’t go hurriedly. Drink water slowly, and the second thing, take some water in your mouth squish it for a few seconds and then drink. This way saliva would mix into the water properly and your body would digest the water easily.

3. Water before and after meal

Now, guys, I want you to pay your 110% attention. Nature has created human bodies with great mechanical skill, and for every task, nature has set a biological clock. When the sun goes down, we feel tired and we need rest, during lunch and dinner we feel hungry. This happens because all these functions work according to nature, and our body reacts the same way. When we feel hungry, our body gets automatically ready to digest the food, and our stomach starts producing Gastric juice which plays an important role in the digestion process.

But when you drink water before or after the meal, it creates an imbalance in the digestion process. The water dilutes gastric juice. Thus gastric juice loses its ability to digest food, and the food soon gets rotten. Ultimately, you have to face problems like gas, indigestion, and bloating.

Now, many of you might be wondering, “Okay so does that mean, no water at all after the meal?”. Well, it’s not like that. Instead of drinking water after a meal, you can gargle. Moreover, you can drink water before and after the meal, but make sure you must maintain a gap of one or half hour before and after the meal.

4. Hot or cold water, which one should I drink?

Well, a few people would pay attention to this question. Obviously, during summer, you have no choice but to drink chilled water from the fridge, and if it is winter, people prefer hot water instead of cold.

But, friends, do you really like chilled water, or do you like water hotter than average? Do you know both can be harmful to your health? You might get shocked but chilled water or hot water, both are a kind of mini shock for our body.

When you drink too much cold or too much hot water, your body first normalizes the temperature of the water, and to perform this process, our body has to put extra effort. Additionally, if you are one of those guys who love chilled water during summer, be careful. Too much cold water can damage your throat and it can also create an imbalance in your digestion system. One of the most common problems that too much cold water can create is Join Pain.

Now, if I’m not wrong, you might be wondering, “bro, what if it is summer and we really need cold water?” The answer to this question is pretty simple. You should use Earthen Pots throughout the summer season.

Centuries ago, technology was not advanced as we can see today. During that time, our forefathers were used to place Earthen Pots in kitchens and on farms. Yes, there is an exception for winter. During the cold season, you can drink luke warm water. But too much hot or too much cold water is still not recommended.

5. Don’t drink water while you stand

Normally, we see lots of people drinking water while standing and that’s why we find it quite normal. Even if we scratch our heads, we hardly find any logic that proves that we should not drink water while standing. But my friends, according to Dr. Vipul Rustgi the general physician at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Delhi, if you drink water while standing, you openly invite a number of health issues.

And the first on this list is indigestion. When you drink water while standing, it creates a speedy flow. The water goes to your lower stomach passing through the food canal. According to Dr. Rustgi, when we drink water in this position, our nerve system, gets tensed which causes fluid imbalance in our body. And ultimately, this causes toxins and indigestion problems.  

The next problem is lung risk. Let’s say you are standing and drinking water, the water goes into your body with a great force due to gravity. At this time, essential nutrients and vitamins cannot reach our liver and digestive system. Moreover, this habit can also create a disturbance in oxygen levels. Even lungs and heart function are at great risk.

And above all, due to this habit, you can face certain problems regarding kidneys. When you stand and pour water into your mouth, it straightly goes to the lower stomach without getting filtered. Now, it is quite obvious. If water isn’t get filtered properly and it passes through the kidney, your kidney has to push it with great strength. Thus the water can damage your kidney undoubtedly. So no matter, how busy you are. Just sit down and drink water slowly.

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