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7 Best Foods To Detox Your liver Naturally

Your liver has a big job when it comes to your body, so it makes sense that it’s the biggest internal organ! The liver runs over 500 processes inside your body, some of which are cleansing and detoxing. The word detox or cleanse is a tricky one, your body already has processes that cleanse and clean your blood, remove toxins from your system and metabolize food so you get all the proper nutrients and proteins. If you already have liver damage you’ll probably have to devise a treatment plan with your healthcare provider, rather than experimenting with home detox methods. That said, there are some foods and drinks you can have that will be beneficial for your liver health! And today we’re gonna tell you about some of the best ones, plus some foods you  can have if you already have liver issues, and a few tips on how to make your life liver friendly! Since we can’t actually “detox” the liver per day, we can eat foods that’ll give it a boost and really help liver function at its best. The huge bonus of all this is that most of these foods you’re probably already eating, and if not, they’ll be a great addition to your diet whether your liver health is struggling or not. 1. Grapefruit You’ve probably heard how grapefruit is great for your liver, and the rumors are true! Antioxidants protect the body from free radicals, but there are two main ones in grapefruit that protect the liver from damage, they are naringenin and naringin. These are said to reduce inflammation and protect the cells of the liver. A study from 2019 suggests that these antioxidants can reduce oxidative stress and may protect against liver disease. One caveat with grapefruit is that it could react with some medications, so best to check with your doctor first if you’re worried. Let’s stick with fruit for the next one: 2. Grapes Again a big thing with grapes, just like grapefruit is that they’re loaded with antioxidants. One study suggests that these can protect against liver damage, which is great news because grapes are pretty much available everywhere, and they’re is a few types to choose from. But when it comes to beneficial plant compounds you probably want to stick with the red and purple varieties as they contain resveratrol which hosts a number of benefits for your body, not just your liver. These types of grapes can help lower inflammation, increase antioxidants and prevent damage to the liver. Grape juice can work too, but you want to be careful with fruit juice as it can have way too much sugar and end up not being that good for you overall. 3. Prickly Pear You might not have heard of this one, and it’s actually not a pear at all but a type of cactus. It has long been known to help treat ailments such as wounds, ulcers, fatigue, and of course, liver disease. One study showed that this plant helped reduce feelings of a hangover, which is one of the liver’s main functions, to get rid of (or detoxify) the alcohol that’s floating around in your body. The main thing was that it reduced inflammation in the body, which can be caused by alcohol. There are also studies that focus on the extract and juice that have shown positive effects on the liver, but more studies are needed to prove its effectiveness. On to the next one, which should come as no surprise: 4. Cruciferous Veggies Of course we were gonna mention vegetables, as they’re so healthy for you. A good rule of thumb is to try and include some fruits or veggies in every meal…yes even breakfast. When it comes to liver health though, cruciferous veggies really shine. These are things like, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and mustard greens. Human studies seem to be limited, but one study on human liver cells showed that it can help increase levels of protective enzymes to protect the liver from damage. One thing to watch out for is canned veggies though, these can contain way too much salt which would not be great for your liver. Ok let’s get to one that you’re really gonna love: 5. Coffee Yes! Coffee can be great for the liver! Especially if you drink coffee everyday. Many studies have shown this beloved morning beverage can help lower the risk of cirrhosis or permanent damage, has positive effects on liver disease, and decreases inflammation. One study shows that it can increase antioxidant levels in the liver, reduce fat buildup, and help rid the body of cancer causing substances. That’s huge. There’s also evidence that suggests coffee and protects you from liver disease or helps you out if you already have liver issues. Which is great news. Plus coffee has a host of other benefits for you if you lay off the cream and sugar. So  if you’re a coffee lover, there’s a few more reasons to enjoy it! While we’re on the topic of hot beverages, let’s discuss a favorite among tea lovers: 6. Green Tea You probably guessed this would be on our list, as green tea is known to be super healthy, and many folks swear by it. Plus, we’ve got the data to back it up. One smaller study showed that folks who drank green tea regularly, who also had NAFLD (non alcoholic fatty liver disease) had better liver enzyme levels, less fatty deposits and reduced  oxidative stress in their livers. Antioxidants get rid of oxidative stress throughout the body, so green tea won’t just help your liver function, you’ll see benefits throughout your body. Now drinking green tea and taking green tea supplements are two separate things, so talk to  your doctor before taking any kind of supplement, especially if you’re already suffering from NAFLD. Let’s get back to things you can eat. 7. Fatty Fish This one is great because you can have many different kinds of fish that fall into this category. Salmon, … Read more