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5 Health Benefits of Plank Exercises – Full Details About Plank

Biceps, tricep and six-pack, this is something we all love to have. But this wish list requires lots of hard work and dedication. If you are working hard to be fit and healthy, and if you are fully dedicated to muscle growth and body strength, that’s really great. But if don’t have time to do workout, or if you hate spending hour in perspiring body building process, this article is probably for you. In this article, we will tell you everything about plank and what changes you will see in your body if you do plank daily. Do you know the plank is a compact exercise that gives you the health benefits of full-body workout? No matter, whether you are doing workout for a long time, or you are a complete fresher. This article will help you if you want to learn to do the plank properly. Do read this article till the end so you can get an idea regarding the body transformation after doing plank regularly. Are planks more effective than crunches? Crunches is known as the most effective workout for Abdominal muscles. Most people depend on crunches to get six-pack abs.Undoubtedly, doing crunches is effective for six pack, but we can’t say that this is the only effective exercise for the Abdominal muscles. Because plank is also as useful as crunches for the Abdominal muscles. The only condition is, before getting started, you have to know everything and you have to do it properly. Now we have a question, why should we do plank when we are already doing crunches? So here the answer is. Definitely, crunches is a specially designed exercise for abdominal muscles, yet, it doesn’t target all your abs muscles. On the other hand, planks not only target ab muscles but also strengthen core muscles and the entire body. And that’s why this single exercise can give you full-body benefits. There is one more reason for recommending this exercise to you. Plank is a kind of exercise that hardly requires any kind of training or extra time. Even no kind of hard work is required to perform this exercise. Just do planks daily for one minute, and you will experience various changes in your body. Before we tell you all benefits of doing planks, let’s understand the proper way of doing this exercise. If we compare other exercises with planks for core strength, plank is the easiest one that you can do anywhere and anytime. How to do plank correctly ? There are various types of planks, but if you are a beginner, you might be wondering which is the correct one for you. Don’t worry. We will help you with this. First, take a pushup position, then place your forearms on the ground. Your arm should be placed straightly 90 degrees to your shoulder. Align your neck with your body and keep your eyesight on the ground. Don’t look left or right. Don’t stop breathing nor increase breathing speed. Just keep breathing normally. Now you need to hold your body weight through your both hands. Both hands will be the base of your entire body weight, so it is possible that for a few days holding body weight will be a bit challenging for you. However, you can still manage this. If you are a beginner or you have never done such kind of exercise, you can start with 10 seconds. For initial days, try to hold the position for 10 to 20 seconds. Gradually, your muscles will become stronger and you can increase timing up to 1 minute. One minute plank daily would be sufficient, and you will experience the result. However, if you can go over one minute, that would be great. When you get used it and holding postion becomes less difficult, go for the next step. The next step would be increasing time. Try to increase the time gradually day by day, and if you achieve 5-minute plank goal, it will be the right time to try another plank variation. If you want to know about various plank positions, drop your comment below. What is a common mistake when doing planks? Most people keep their lower back loose while doing the planks and that’s one of the most common mistakes you must avoid. Your lower back and shoulder must be in a straight line. Now let’s talk about What are the benefits of doing planks everyday?   01. Posture improvement Whenever you do any heavy exercise, it affects your spine. You spine got a lot pressure and you have to suffer from spine injury or back pain. On the other hand, plank never affects your spine or back. Even it can cure your back pain that is caused by constantly sitting. The plank strengthens your back muscles, improve your body posture and cure your back pain. 02. It increases body strength People do various exercises to make their bodies stronger. But do you know?, if you do other exercises after doing the plank, it would be more effective since plank makes your body muscles stronger and that’s why you can do heavy exercises after doing the plank. Plank targets all major core muscles along with abdominal muscles. This would help you to increase body strength and to build abs. 03. It boosts metabolism Plank targets the muscles of the entire body at the same time. And because of targeting the muscles of the entire body, you lose more calories get in less time. So technically, if the body loses more calories, the muscle building gets faster. The lower the fat is and the greater the muscles are. The stronger metabolism will be. 04. Body Balance Planks make abdominal muscles stronger. Actually, abdominal muscles are responsible for body balance. When your abdominal muscles get better, your body balance will get better naturally. And with other exercises, you can perform spontaneously in sporting activities too. Moreover, body flexibility will also get improved. 05. Mental Health Plank can also help you … Read more