4 Best Wordpress Themes Free - Tried, Tested, & Truly Transformative
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4 Best WordPress Themes Free – Tried, Tested, & Truly Transformative

Today, I’m going to share with you the best themes for WordPress that I have experienced. If you want to start a website or a blog, WordPress (also known as a web builder) is the perfect platform to use. Within WordPress, multiple themes serve as the foundation for your blog or website. However, many beginners often get confused about which theme to use or which one is the best. In this article, I’ll cover four of my favorite themes that I like the most and share them with you. I’ll also explain why these themes are my favorites and highlight their key features.

For every website, there’s always a different theme that serves as its foundation, but in this article, I’ll focus on themes that can be used for any kind of website or blog. These themes cover all the features that a good theme requires.

4. GeneratePress Theme

GeneratePress Theme

This is a very good and my favorite theme and I have used it for many websites. The most surprising thing about this theme is that most of the big bloggers recommend it and give it a high rating. The look of this theme is so amazing, and if we talk about the speed, it is excellent. There are millions of downloads of this theme, thousands of ratings, and hundreds of thousands of customers who are happy using this theme.

The most excellent thing about this theme is that it is free. If you go to the theme section in WordPress, you can find it there as well. If you are a beginner, you can go for the free version of this theme, and if you want to level up your work, I recommend you to purchase the premium version of it. They have also mentioned their speed score, and I have also experienced that the speed of this theme is excellent. There is support available as well. Performance-wise, it also works the best.

GeneratePress Theme site library

You can find a site library as well in it that is accessible for the premium version. There are pre-designed websites there, and if you like the website design, you just need to click once and all your data will be imported easily. Just enter your text, import your images, and you are ready to go. As a beginner, you can also make a well-designed website using the GeneratePress theme. But if you have some financial issues, the free version is best for you. Otherwise, I recommend the premium version.

There are yearly and lifetime packages available. You can choose according to your requirements. If you purchase a 1-year plan and you do not pay next year, it doesn’t mean your website will stop. The only thing that will happen is that you will not be able to access the latest features and updates. But if you purchase the one-time version, you will be able to access updates and the support system.

3. Kadence WP Theme

Kadence WP Theme

This one is also my favorite theme. When I see their features, I like them a lot. There are also starter templates available. If you click on starter templates, you can see their pre-designed templates. If you just import the template, your website is ready. You need to import your data, and you are done. If you see the big players, they also recommend this theme in the rating section. They have given reviews there. As Shawn Hesketh wrote about it, “We recommend Kadence because not only is it highly optimized for performance, but it’s also incredibly versatile,” and Adam Preiser wrote about it, “I have been waiting for [this theme] since I began using WordPress 10 years ago, not because it’s lightning-fast or because it’s easy to use.

If you want a minimal and cool look, I also recommend the Kadence theme. This can be a good choice, and all the features are mentioned on their website.

If we see the pricing, there are three versions available. The first one is for “Every essential you need,” the second one is “Full access to all the tools to help you sell,” and the third one is “Every product in our full bundle. One payment, lifetime support, updates, and all future products.

Kadence WP theme templates

This theme is so cool; the most important thing is that there are multiple features, lots of templates, and lots of customization. You can make your website according to your requirements. Despite all of this, the speed of this theme is excellent. If you buy any plan, you can use it on unlimited websites; there is no limitation.

Do not be confused; you can go through any one of these themes according to your needs. In Kadence WP, there is also a free version available. If you don’t have much investment, you can go for the free version, and if you have money, you should go for the premium version; it gives you lots of features. It depends on what types of looks you like most. So you can choose according to that. And also what is your budget, choose wisely.

I recommend GeneratePress if you purchase the premium version. GeneratePress is the fourth option; Kadence WP is the third option.

2. JNews Theme

JNews Theme

Now let’s move to the second option. For a blog look, this theme is extremely good for you. If you want to start a blog, then this fits for bloggers. I guess this theme is perfect for you. But there is pricing for this theme. If you have a good budget, you can buy this theme. There are lots of features for this. This is a simple and lightweight theme. If you check out the demos of pre-designed websites, they are excellently and beautifully designed.

JNews Theme prebuilt websites

It does not need any third-party plugin, and if a plugin is required, they provide it. You can check out all the demos, and whichever one you prefer, you can go through that one. If you want to start a blog or a news website, this theme I recommend the most. Sometimes they offer discounts, so you can check when the offer is available. If you are lucky, you may get it at half price.

1. Astra Theme

Astra Theme

Now let’s move to the most likable, my favorite one. I keep this as my first recommendation. Why do I keep this as my first? There are lots of reasons that I will explain to you. Astra is my main choice. This is the most popular theme as well. If you go through YouTube videos or website articles, everyone talks about it.

There are lots of features in it because this is a super lightweight theme. There are layout settings that you can do. You can customize color and typography also, and there are lots of header options. Additionally, it has seamless integrations with Elementor, Beaver Builder, WooCommerce, LearnDash, Spectra, and Yoast. It also gives you Gutenberg blocks seamless compatibility.

Astra Theme site template

Unparalleled performance and they do not use jQuery; it is less than a 50kb theme. And they have a large library, meaning it has pre-designed websites out there that you can import with just one click.

Big players who have big businesses or tools use this theme. Now Astra is so famous, so they have many more tools. And they have pre-designed templates for every category. If you want to make a blog, news, business website, service website, digital product website, or any type of affiliate marketing website, they have every kind of pre-designed website. It has a free version also. If you don’t have investment you can go for the free version if you have a budget then go for the premium version. This is excellent.

If we talk about pricing, it has 3 versions and also has a lifetime version as well. You can check it out and choose according to your needs

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