When we purchase a Second Hand Laptop or New laptop, we think that what are the things we should check at the time of purchasing of it, so here in this post i am telling you that what are the things we should before taking a new or old laptop.

  1. RAM :- When we purchase a laptop we should check the RAM of it before buying. 4GB RAM is very good for your laptop, 2GB RAM is enough for normal working and 1GB RAM is ok for your home use or very normal software, if you are a graphic designer or video editor then purchase the laptop with 4GB of RAM, if you are using your laptop for office use normal work like Excel, Word, Power Point, Tally, Video Player or other normal office software then you should take the laptop with 2GB RAM, and if you are taking it for your home use only then 1GB RAM is ok for your home use, also don’t take below RAM 1GB because it will not sufficient for your home use also.
  2. Hard Disk :- If you are taking laptop for video or movie purpose then 1TB Hard Disk is Very good for taking, because movie size are heavy so 1Tera Byte Hard Disk is Good, and if you are using laptop for Photoshop, Corel Draw, MS Office etc. you can but 500GB Hard Disk, this is enough for your use, 250 GB Hard Disk is also fine for your home or personal use.
  3. Processor :- This part effect your work processing speed like calculation or saving the data. Higher  Processor -Higher Speed. Now these days people are using i7, i5, i3, but 2.2 GegaHeartz is also good for your office use or home use also.
  4. Graphic Card :- if your laptop has the inbuilt graphic card the it is good for you, if the laptop has external Graphic Card the this laptop may generate some problem after some days.
Now i am going to tell you that how to check the essential this before purchasing a Second Hand Laptop or a New laptop: –     
  • Check RAM :-   Click on Start Menu — Now Right Click on My computer — Then Properties– Here you can check how much RAM you computer have like : 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB etc.
  • Check Hard Disk :- Open my computer — then Right click on drive — then click properties –here you can check the Disk Drive Capacity — then one by one Right click on drive and check capacity — alter checking all — Total the capacity like: 60GB+20GB+100GB=180GB so your disk is 180GB or 200GB 20 GB space may be reserved by you laptop for internal process.
  • Check Processor :- Same process as RAM checking — Click on Start Menu — Now Right Click on My computer — Then Properties– Here you can check the system Processor, like: Intel(R) Atom 1.50GHz or any other process your laptop may have.
  • Now check Wifi is working or not 
  • Then check if Bluetooth Available – is it working
  • Now play a song to check the Sound is Working or Not.
  • Now Play a Video to check that video is Working or Not.
  • Also Check the Physically is in good condition or damaged.
  • Check Battery is working properly and how much backup it is providing like 1Hr, 2Hrs, 3Hrs etc.
  • Now check the Camera of laptop is it working properly or not (if camera available in laptop).
  • Then check all the USB Port working, you can check by Pen Drive that this is working in all the port or not.
  • Now very important part is that -check the all laptop Keyboard Keys working properly because only 1 key create problem for your laptop.
  • Check the Power Adaptor.
  • Check Mouse Pad is Working properly or not.
  • On off Button – this is very important to check that your on off button is working or not (shop keeper can make you fool in this part, so check this very carefully)
  • Check if Screen is not cracked from side corner.
  • Check Right click and Left Click working properly of Mouse Pad.

So friends these are the very important points to keep in your mind when going to purchase a Second Hand Laptop or New Laptop.

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