Voucher classes for invoices can be used to significantly automate ledger entries where tax calculations, additional charges, rounding off etc., are involved. You can also specify percentages for
additional accounting allocations like taxes, freight and other charges. Based on the values / percentages
entered, the total amount is automatically calculated and prefilled in the respective
To create Voucher Class,
Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info. > Voucher Types > Alter
  • Select Sales Voucher Type
  • Tab down to Name of class field and specify the name
  • Select the required groups under Exclude these Groups and Include these Groups
  • Specify the allocations in % between Sales and Tax Ledgers in Default Accounting Allocations for each item in Invoice.
  • Select additional Ledger accounts which are involved in the voucher entry viz., Tax, Freight, Discount etc., and specify the type of calculation and other details in Additional Accounting Entries.


To enter transaction using Voucher Class,
Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > F8 (Sales)

  • Select the required Voucher

  • Select the required Voucher Class from Voucher Class List

  • Enter the Party and Stock Details

  • The Accounting allocations are automatically done, as defined in Voucher class

  • Complete and save the transaction

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