How to Make Bank Reconciliation in Tally ERP 9

Tally.ERP 9 provides you the facility to reconcile the transactions of your Bank Book with the Bank
Statement and instantly displays the Balance at Bank and as per the Bank Book, this facility significantly
helps in planning your payouts. The reconciliation of bank transaction using the
reconcile feature is very simple and easy to use, by simply entering the date of debit / credit of a
particular transaction in the Bank.
To view Bank Reconciliation Statement:
Go to Gateway of Tally  >  Display  >  Account Books  >  Cash/Bank Book
Select the required Bank Account and press Enter on the required month (or F2 and
specify the required period from which you want to reconcile your bank accounts)
Press F5: Reconcile
‡ Enter the date of clearing (date on which the transaction is being debited / credited) from
the Bank Statement.
After reconciliation, you may also toggle to other reports, by pressing the relevant buttons from
the Button Bar.
You may also specify the effective date of reconciliation in the Bank
Ledger Master to predefine the date of reconciliation for transaction starting
from where you want to reconcile.

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