Hi Friends, today i am going to tell you about a website which provides online work. you can take the project from that website and earn money from home easily. 

So lets start the topic- Freelancer.com is a website which provides many-many types of work for doing that online. 
This website provides us many work as i am providing you a list, So plz check Below:-   

  1. Data Entry Work
  2. Graphic Design and Logo Design Work
  3. Calling Work
  4. Website Designing Work
  5. HTML Coding Work
  6. PHP Coding Work
  7. XML Coding Work 
  8. Software Making work
  9. Mobile Software Development Work
  10. MS Excel Data Work
  11. MS Word Data Work
  12. Calling to USA Country to promote product or product marketing by calling 
  13. Content Writing Work
  14. Website IT & Software Work
  15. Online Abroad Accounting Work
  16. Legal Work 
  17. Online Sales Handling Work
  18. Sales Team Handling Work
  19. Virtual Assistant 
  20.  and much more online work you can check on that website.
Now the question is that how we can take the work from this website, because this is not very easy to take the work from this website, Freelancer.com dose not provide the work easily, so now i am going to tell you that how to take the work
How Can We Take the Work from This Website :-            
  • First of all you need to make your profile on Freelancer.com
  • Make you profile very attractive.
  • Show you job experience in the specific field, like if Website Designing field than provide all of your knowledge about designing the website.
  • Provide the link of your work like if you are a website designer then provide the website links that you have make by your self.
  • On you profile enter the minimum dollar rate per hour as you a beginners, after 2 or 3 project you can increase your rate of per hours.
  • Write all information about your work and always write true thing on it, because wrong information got caught after some time and then payment may be block by the Freelancer.com
  • Never try to make the fool of your work provider, always work honestly.
Now i am going to tell you How it Work’s and how they Paid us the Money:-   
After making a good profile by Right information Search the project on the website, then select the project which you are able to complete on time, then apply for it.

After applying, your work provider analysis your profile, and if he think that you are able to complete the project properly and on time. he will contact you by email or phone or by freelancer.com it self.
After there contact you need to start the work as per guideline.
Now after finish the project, send it to work provider.
Now after the guideline days they will send you the payment-
Work provider send money to Freelancer.com
Freelancer.com takes there chargers from it 
and send to the candidate in there respective account or paypal account or via any other source as per your selection the payment option.
After completion of payment Freelancer.com Provides STAR to Work Provider company and also to the candidate.
Star Shows the perfectness of both parties.

So friends, if you want to join it you can click here and do as per my guideline, i think you will be succeeded if you follow the instruction as i have told you here in this post.

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